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Focusing on research and development innovation, Javachem always committed to establish independent innovation platform and construct innovative

research team, make the “Every single pellet is in good hands” into research and development innovation。 We make the product as art。

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Javachem is Zhejiang High-tech enterprise with comprehensive technology R&D center. Young creative R&D team and advanced precious testing instrument let us provide professional solutions for plastic industry.The R&D team sets research groups such as silicone, anti-static, ionic liquid, etc, which makes the research more targeted and efficient.

By end of year 2019, Javachem has authorized 17 invention patents, and 28 patents for utility models.

Javachem has been committed to the development of new application areas, in order to better cooperate with technicians in application test evaluation, we built application testing lab, introduced advanced testing instrument and mechanical testing system, which provide professional and comprehensive summary evaluation for daily test data and results。

Meanwhile, application testing laboratory positively response various problems that customers encounter in the use of products, help to find out better solutions for customers by professional testing levels , detailed testing report and analysis, satisfying customer’s more stringent requirements on process.

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Processing support

The first fully integrated automatic production line for anti-static agent。

The nation’s leading automatic control production line from silicone polymerization to masterbatch blending granulation.

The first research and development on permanent antistatic agent in domestictechnology

Technical support


State Key Laboratory of Polymerization Reaction Engineering of Zhejiang University


Lanzhou Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences


Material Institute of Hangzhou Normal University

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