R&D / Quality

     Quality Management 

     We are always committed to responsible for the products and customers


In the critically important position of plastic additive industry for plastic products, Javachem always believe that quality is everything. Manufacturing is an art, 

we are always committed to responsible for the product and customer, insist on “artisan” spirit.


     Serve the user

        From inspection of raw materials to product delivery, Javachem always insist on

        more stringent internal standards, strive for product quality。


     Focus on details, continuously improvement

       Javachem always focus on details from multiple perspectives such as environment, 

       material, human, method, machine, etc, continuously improve the technology.


Speak by data

No matter the particle shape, appearance color, batch stability or physical and 

chemical index, Javachem always insist on speaking by date。


Get things perfectly

Javachem always insist on doing the things perfectly, introduced advanced 

testing equipment, control product quality. 

Focus on Javachem:            
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