Surface Modifier with Special Functional Group Javachem

Javachem®KF is a surface modifier with special amino functional group, which can effectively improve the surface polarity of polyolefin and PA materials, promote coating adhesion, enhance surface painting and reduce pretreatment process。 It has excellent lubrication and dispersion performance to filler and pigment system, and will not affect the transparency and mechanical properties。 What’s more, it can improve material appearance。


TGA test




Surface polarity test




Do scribe test by dyne pen with different value of 34, 38, 40,dyne value of PP plate is obviously increased after adding Javachem®KF


Improve surface polarity without any decay and impart product with stronger adhesion and higher production yield

Directly added to base material without extra process

Elimination of some physical/chemical processes downstream accomplishing energy conservation and emission reductio

No influence on mechanical properties

Excellent lubrication and dispersion for fillers

Focus on Javachem:            
Zhejiang- ICP- No. 16008341
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