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With the rapid development of auto industry, lightweight, safety, comfortableness, energy conservation and environmental protection become 

the major trend of the development of international auto industry。 Plastic and composite are important auto material, after years of development, 

the ratio of plastic used in auto interior has been increased to 60% or more。 The use of new plasticizing material makes the appearance of auto 

more humanized and diversification, touch feel and beauty of interior to be increased, parts processing, assembly and maintenance cost greatly 

reduced. The innovation and application of new type material increasingly become one of the leading technologies in auto manufacturing.

With a view to development situation of “plastic replace steel” and stringent requirements of eco-safe in auto industry, Javachem provides latest 

scratch resistance for PP and TPO auto-body parts, such as dashboard, door trim, center console, pillar trim, etc. This product completely meet 

the standards of Volkswagen and OEM, in addition with perfect local advantage of supply chain, we can better serve customers with different 

material standards.




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