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Food and Medical Packaging
food and medical packaging

Food safety is becoming a hot topic。 Whether the additives of immediate packaging material meets the standards of food-contact and 

environment-protection to be  particularly concerned.Javachem®A-2000 is an innovative and most environmental antistatic agent。 It is suitable 

for food packaging materials.

With the improvement of domestic medical regulations on the safety requirements of pharmaceuticals industry, people have been gradually being 

understood that the performance of packaging material that directly contact with drug will directly affect the drug quality. Rubber plug is such a material 

that is widely used in drug contact packaging material. Rubber plug is easy to cause quality problem that the insoluble particles will pollute liquid 

medicine during the process, therefore, the requirement of the entire formula and production process of medical rubber plug also has been increasingly 

improved. Javachem®GW multifunctional additive for medical butyl rubber plug material is convenient to use, it can improve the surface performance, 

enhance success rate of machine and reduce punching fallen scraps, which will lead to a new revolution in medical rubber plug.

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